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The prelude…May 29th a huge storm blew through with mega downpour.  The contractor and his crew had just stripped the shingles off the back section of the house but luckily got it covered with a tarp just in case….or did they??? Da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Jumping forward into the early hours of May 30th, 1:30 a.m. to be exact, the three of us lay snuggled in our bed with the soft hum of the fan in the window and the cool breeze filling the room.  That peace came to an abrupt end with a loud, thunderous, deafening bang.  Okay so maybe I am exaggerating a tad, I thought the fan had fallen out of the window and knocked some things over.  Sidenote: Jbear never even stirred – that kid can sleep through anything.  Anyways, Jason jumped to his feet while I sat there trying to figure out what was going on – both of us stared at the window which still held the fan.  Slowly I looked up to see part of the ceiling was missing (approx. 2 foot by 2 foot section)….still trying to grasp reality I muttered “What the (four letter word that rhymes with duck)”.

Long story short….turns out the tarp didn’t fully cover the barren roof and the “torrential” rain seeped in.  Current damage that we could identify just by glancing is as follows:

  • Second floor: master bedroom ceiling and flooring is soaked (probably will need to be replaced)
  • Insulation in the attic – soaked and will need to be replaced
  • First floor: back room, portion of the ceiling will need to be replaced since it now lays in a soaking heap on the floor.

More pictures to follow so stay tuned!

Contractor…Tear down those shingles!

Our roof was old, which was never a problem to me until I noticed large puddles of water in the middle of our newly renovated second floor.  Some may look at this and think it is bad news. However, we prefer to look  at this a good news: the roof started leaking before we finished painting and laying down carpet in our newly renovated second floor so there wasn’t much damage – so far.  Being extremely afraid of heights, this was one DIY that I gladly passed up and left to the professionals.

Although we in the midst of having a beautiful, leak-free roof, my heart plummeted I also began to take note of the inevitable damage that is caused by falling shingles, tin and tar.  Our once beautiful white porch rails and solar lights are now plastered with streaks of tar.

However, I have been reassured by the contractor that this is easily cleaned up so for now I will keep an open mind.  More updates to follow so stay tuned.

The Second Floor: PRE-REMODELING

As previously mentioned, our home was converted (before we owned it) into an apartment house.  The upstairs apartment consisted of two bedrooms, livingroom, full bath and an eat-in kitchen….oh and did I mention the yellow stained drop ceiling, wall to wall brown paneling, and brown “shagish” carpet that graced the apartment with that “blast from the past” feeling.

The kitchen originally had indoor/outdoor green carpet with the same brown panelling and as I recall, we even had some orange shag carpet in the entry way.

We did a little work on the kitchen when we moved in along with painting all the panelling in hopes of brightening up the rooms.  Pictures below were taken after some renovations when we had rented it out to a couple with a little boy:

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 1




Upstairs Livingroom

When we moved back, the house was empty and after much discussion we decided to leave everything as is, converting the kitchen and livingroom into a bedroom; working on the other rooms as we go.

Good plan….that is until Jason got the demolition bug and surprised me with gutting the entire upstairs while I was at work.  And what a surprise that was.  Anyways, after picking my jaw up off the floor and regaining my ability to speak, we began on remodeling our upstairs.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new floor plan, some colour ideas for the rooms, and pictures of course!

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