The Second Floor: PRE-REMODELING

As previously mentioned, our home was converted (before we owned it) into an apartment house.  The upstairs apartment consisted of two bedrooms, livingroom, full bath and an eat-in kitchen….oh and did I mention the yellow stained drop ceiling, wall to wall brown paneling, and brown “shagish” carpet that graced the apartment with that “blast from the past” feeling.

The kitchen originally had indoor/outdoor green carpet with the same brown panelling and as I recall, we even had some orange shag carpet in the entry way.

We did a little work on the kitchen when we moved in along with painting all the panelling in hopes of brightening up the rooms.  Pictures below were taken after some renovations when we had rented it out to a couple with a little boy:

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 1




Upstairs Livingroom

When we moved back, the house was empty and after much discussion we decided to leave everything as is, converting the kitchen and livingroom into a bedroom; working on the other rooms as we go.

Good plan….that is until Jason got the demolition bug and surprised me with gutting the entire upstairs while I was at work.  And what a surprise that was.  Anyways, after picking my jaw up off the floor and regaining my ability to speak, we began on remodeling our upstairs.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new floor plan, some colour ideas for the rooms, and pictures of course!

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