Contractor…Tear down those shingles!

Our roof was old, which was never a problem to me until I noticed large puddles of water in the middle of our newly renovated second floor.  Some may look at this and think it is bad news. However, we prefer to look  at this a good news: the roof started leaking before we finished painting and laying down carpet in our newly renovated second floor so there wasn’t much damage – so far.  Being extremely afraid of heights, this was one DIY that I gladly passed up and left to the professionals.

Although we in the midst of having a beautiful, leak-free roof, my heart plummeted I also began to take note of the inevitable damage that is caused by falling shingles, tin and tar.  Our once beautiful white porch rails and solar lights are now plastered with streaks of tar.

However, I have been reassured by the contractor that this is easily cleaned up so for now I will keep an open mind.  More updates to follow so stay tuned.


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