New look for the bottom of the stairs

In an earlier post, we opened the wall that separated the downstairs from the upstairs.  The floor was retro and didn’t meet up with the carpeting in the livingroom so we had to put in some 2×4’s to match up and level out the two floors.  The newly installed sheet rock that covered up the space where the door once was, now had a fresh coat of joint compound that was sanded down and primed. 

We chose to go with a light green paint for the walls and a darker green paint on the molding.  At first we were a little nervous but now we absolutely LOVE the colours we chose.  We went with a laminate wood floor which Jason installed and according to him it was pretty easy.  The pipe you see coming out of the wall is for the pellet stove – hopefully it will be a much more cost-effective way to heat our home in the winter.

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