The evoloution of our second floor

After the fun of demolishing the upstairs apartment, Jason decided a new floor plan was in order.  He designed it to have a more open feel and allow the max amount of natural light as possible.  There are three bedrooms (master bedroom with walk-in closet, and two other bedrooms), a full bath, and the laundry room.  

Here are some photos showing our progress on the evolution of our second floor (as well as all the construction debris that comes with such a project).  Gone is the gloomy hall, dingy drop ceiling, and shag carpet

This picture shows the view as you come up the stairs and look into the doorway to our master bedroom.  The bedroom is to the left and straight ahead is our walk-in closet:

This is our master bedroom (LOVE IT!):

Master Bedroom

This is the bathroom and the laundry room.  Pay no attention to the gas stove in the middle of the bathroom, that will be relocated to the master bedroom:


Laundry room

This is the spare room which will have a bright green accent wall:

Spare room

This is our little Jbear’s room (the tub will be relocated to the bathroom – of course ;-)):

Jason’s Room

Jason’s Room

And this is the hallway:


More pictures to come (minus the debris) so stay tuned!


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