Lists, lists and more lists

As I mentioned in an earlier post, when one seems to be a little baffled as to where to start, you stop what you are doing and start by making a list.  So after several variations of lists, I have narrowed it down the following:

Second floor:

  • paint all walls white
  • paint accent wall in master bedroom and spare room
  • get carpet installed
  • get vinyl floor installed in bathroom and laundry room
  • molding
  • install outlets
  • install lights
  • install smoke detectors
  • install gas stove in master bedroom
  • install tub, sink and toilet in bathroom
  • move furniture (beds, dressers, etc.) upstairs

First Floor:


  • paint cupboards
  • paint wall
  • lights under cabinets
  • switch out fridge
  • new floor???


  • Repaint walls
  • Organize rooms


  • Flowers along the front path
  • Front porch
  • Retaining wall in the back yard
  • Fence??

I am sure these lists will grow and evolve but this is a good start.


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