Fence envy

I have often heard the quote “Good fences make good neighbors”. 

We have already determined our neighbors to be great! They take in my garbage cans if I am away from home, they even cut my lawn for me on Mother’s Day while I was away visiting my mother. So when you pair a good fence with a great neighbor what do you get??? Utopia! 😉 

They recently decided to invest in a fence so that their kids can play without hearing their parents constant calls to “GET AWAY FROM THE ROAD!!!”.  I have made no secret of my admiration for their fence and both my hubby and I find ourselves gazing at it longingly in the early morning hours as we stand on our porch and drink our coffee.

So now we are dreaming of fencing in our yard.  The possibilities are endless: wood or vinyl? horizontal or vertical?  So far, just by perusing Bing images, these are pictures that capture our attention:

And the dream continues.

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