Waste not, want not

Have you ever what goes bump in the night?? Well, we found the culprit in our household:

This ol’ girl worked as well as one could expect given her age, however her old bones were creaking and the loud kurplunks could be heard ever half hour, or so it seemed. Now one may look at that as another way to tell time, the poor mans version of big ben.  But, between you and me, this can grate on your nerves.  So we have decided to retire this ol’ girl to the garage where she can kurplunk to her heart’s delight.

The refrigerator from the upstairs apartment was adorned by stickers, tape, etc.  Although this may be a fashion statement to some, to us it just wouldn’t do. We prefer a clean surface for our little Picasso’s artwork. Jason looked at the fridge and told me “you’ll never get all those stickers off”. Challenge issued and accepted!





With a little help from Clorox Clean-Up (with Bleach) and some good old fashion scrubbing, I got this baby sparkling. And this round goes to me – OH YEAH!! Sure it is a little dinged up and is nowhere near the double door, stainless steel fridge we see in our future, but for now, it is perfect!

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