Where is our carpet?

Carpet log, star date 06112012 – carpet still not installed. 😦

On May 29th, we went to a certain home improvement store, a depot of sorts if you will, to order carpet.  We found a sample that was nice but upgraded to a better carpet with 72 hour installation. Wonderful!  

Buyer be warned! As it turns out, just because the carpet is advertised as a 72 hour installation AND an employee tells you that it is a 72 hour installation, doesn’t mean that is always the case.

We soon received a call from one of the flooring specialist and said that the carpet was no longer a 72 hour installation (even though it stated that in the display AND the person we placed the order made sure to let us know that we would be up grading to a 72 hour installation) BUT they could get it ordered and installed in 10 days.  WOW! That is quite the difference, but we are easy-going folks and figured we could work with them. 

10 days has turned into 16 days (20 days if you include weekends) and the carpet that should have been installed within 72 hours is scheduled to be installed on June 18th. 

As easy-going as I try to be, that just won’t fly so I am now waiting for a call back from the store as to how they are going to make this right. Ahhh – this should be fun (enter eye roll here). Stay tuned!


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