Bathroom Moodboard

I was going to create two mood boards, but I think this one is a nice way to complement the entire family. As you may notice there are bubbles and a yellow ducky….after all, what is a bathroom without yellow duckies and bubbles??

Rather than go with a colour in the bathroom, we are going to have white walls; to keep that crisp clean feeling.  I love the quote and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture. Those will have to be diy projects – can’t wait!!

You can definitely go crazy with all the duck stuff but I am going to try use them sparingly.   Other ducky items I may incorporate are as follows:


And one for the hubby – closest I could find to carpenter-drywalling-diy’er 😉

What shall we get for JBear….why superhero duckies of course!

You could even change them out for each season or holiday

Remember what I said about using them sparingly? Well I think I may have just crossed the line.  Can you blame me?? These are so much fun!!!

What do you think? Comments? Suggestions? Splash away! (sorry- couldn’t help it ) 😉

Note: All pictures above were taken from Bing images, Home, and


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