Our new roof: Leak free

We originally decided to shingle our roof due to a little leak we noticed during our renovations.  In an attempt to keep our new ceilings water free we took the plunge and hired a roofer and thought we dodged a bullet on the whole leaking roof  issue. 

That was until the first set of severe thunderstorms hit, leaving us with the “Chicken Little incident“. After some unexpected renovations and the completion of the roof we moved forward with the upstairs renovations.  And then the second set severe storms hit leading to the “NOT AGAIN!!!!” incident. 

So rather than post pics about our new roof, I thought it best to hold off until we got some more rain and take that baby on a third test run.  So far we are leak free – HALLELUIAH!!!

Given all the trouble we had, I must admit I do love the new shingles. I never realized how a new roof can change the look of the house. And yes, I took pictures for all to enjoy (of course 🙂 ):



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