The tortures of parenthood

No, I am not talking about the nine months of swollen ankles and morning sickness, 26 hours of labor (although that was no picnic), or the year+ of being sleep deprived. I am talking about the moment you realize your little one is growing up, the moment you realize that you have to let go a little.

I just got back from filling out paperwork for pre-k…PRE-K – WHERE DID THE LAST FOUR YEARS GO!?! 

Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a minute that goes by where I do not realize how lucky we are to have a healthy little man who can go to pre-k.  We are truly blessed. 

But as I filled out each form I could picture each year fly past.  Now pre-k next high school graduation. I cracked casual jokes with the administrator in hopes that I could keep my mind from wandering even further. 

Yes folks, I will be that mom who gives their child a million kisses as he stands there with his little lunch box, that mom who is snapping about a hundred “just one more” pictures as he boards the bus, that mom who turns into a crying mess as the bus drives away. 

I should re-title this to “the tortures of being a sappy mom” 😉

In the meantime, it is only fitting to wrap up this sappy moment with a little trip down memory lane:

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