Abra Kadabra! Behold the master bedroom

I can’t believe the amount of work we have done molding the apartment house into our single family home.  It is slowly coming together but there is so much more to do. Now we get into the really fun stuff – DECORATING!!!!!

Before we go crazy let’s take a moment to enjoy the transformation from what was once a living room into what is now our master bedroom.  Ahem, drum roll please…..

Here is the living room. Notice the beautiful drop ceiling and painted-several-times-over panelling:

The sky was the limit, what did we want to do for our master bedroom? After going a little wackadoo with colours and themes, I managed to settle down and decide on a colour scheme. We went with painting an accent wall antique tin grey, black and white photos and other inspirational pieces that complemented both our styles.

We still are kicking ourselves for not taking pictures of the actual demolition but we both had a lot on our plate at that point and blogging wasn’t even a concept that we knew. When we finally got our wits about us we snapped this beauty and with that the blog began.

Finally with several repairs to the ceiling (let’s not even go back there), a coat of white paint, and the agonizing wait for the carpet, we got to a point where our master bedroom looked like a bedroom.

Did I mention that we wanted an accent wall…well here it is in all its glory and it is B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!

After several hours of  paint drying we were able to set up our bed and move the mattress from the floor to where it belong. Then, after more than a few coats of pledge, endless fiddling with the covers and pillows I snapped this beauty.  What kills me is that I didn’t notice the small cardboard box on the floor beside the floor lamp – CURSES!!!! Oh well, you can’t win them all. 


We still have dressers to move in, plants to position, pictures to hang and I was toying with redoing the headboard after reading about it on Young House Love but that all can wait for another post.

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