A Splash Of Colour

Recently, Jason’s mom graciously gave us a metal bench for our front porch; I like to think that my “nightmare” post had nothing to do with it. Regardless, we are very grateful and can’t wait to enjoy our morning coffee sitting on the porch, snuggled together under a homemade quilt (also “donated” by Jason’s mom). 

I haven’t seen it yet due to the extensive clean up of our front porch (in progress), but I believe it may look similar to this:

Image taken from here

Since I have been on a colour kick, the thought of transforming this beautiful black metal bench into a colourful master piece is too tempting to pass up.  Now, settling on a colour is the hardest part of this transformation so I thought why not take a poll?

First let’s set the mood….

Here is the mood board for our front porch (the green square is the colour of our siding):

Here is a sample of the fabric that Jason’s mother gave to us for the seat cushions (image taken from here):

Here are the colours I think would play of nicely with the green siding (colour samples were taken from bing images):






And last but not least, here is a picture or Molly

Of course, she has nothing to do with this post but she loves laying on the front porch and I also wanted to make sure you were still with me. 😉

Take your time, ponder the choices and cast your vote OR leave a comment and tell me what colour you would paint the bench. Who knows – we may just choose your suggestion and dedicate a post to you in our bench makeover.




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4 responses to “A Splash Of Colour

  • Lisamaria

    Funny enough i also found some metal chairs at at yard sale… they were a bit rough that I have to re-do them……I am waiting till school is over for the summer… I like this idea of painting it black and matching some nice cushions to go with it. I went to Lows garden centre to price out the cushions… do you believe it was $30 per cushion … ( I only paid $20 for the chairs)… it makes no sense? (waiting till they go on sale) 😉

    • ourlifeinaction

      I know – that’s crazy right!!! Don’t buy those babies, make them. It really isn’t that hard at all and I would love to help you. Thanks so much for reading the blog – love ya tons! xo

  • Crystal - 29 Rue House

    Hi – Just stopping by from YHL. I just had comment when I saw that you’ve got a green and purple porch scheme going on too! We have the same color siding as you and I decided to accent with purple (the front door, flowers and pots). Our shutters are dark green which I wanted to have blackish tones and I recently got a bench from the restore which I also thought of when I saw yours! I voted black but I think whatever you want would be great!

    Here’s a post where you can see most of everything going on with our porch.



    • ourlifeinaction

      Thanks for stopping by Crystal. I absolutely LOVE your purple door. I am bound and determined that something on that porch will be purple so if not the bench then I may copy you and paint our door. Thanks a bunch for the comment.

      P.S. – got to love YHL! 🙂

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