BBQ, Sparklers and Lawn Mowers

Happy late Canada Day and Early Forth of July!  The festivities up north began early in the morning and didn’t stop until my cheeks hurt from smiling and my tummy hurt from laughing (the excessive eating of marshmallows had absolutely nothing to do with it). 😉

The day began with a large stack of Fritadellas. Now, for all you who may not know, a Fritadella is an Italian version of a pancake and they are: huge, mouth-watering, taste bud igniting, and simply put DELICIOUS!!!

After we all had our fill (and then some) we moved on to preparing steaks for dinner; salting then marinating them in wine, fresh herbs and a secret ingredient…  That’s right – love, because I love me some steaks!!! 😉

As the steaks marinated, we had some tinkering to do which required a little imagination.  As you can see below, this baby has stood the test of time.  Yes, it may have a little rust on it but she still purrs like a little kitten (if little kittens purred like a lawn mower).  

Due to wear and tear, the screws which held down the cap (for lack of a better word) had loosened and needed to be replaced. In our previous attempt to fix this we had chosen screws that were a tad long.  After taking the top apart to ensure there wasn’t anything broken we began our extensive search for the appropriate length screw.  A half hour later, we re-evaluated the situation and my sister came up with the genius idea, using washes to adjust the height of the screw and voila – 5 washes per screw and the problem was solved.

In the meantime. JBear and my little sister (Luchi as we call her, or Cho Cha as JBear calls her) worked diligently picking blackberries as to not let them go to waste. All of this was done, in his home-made batman cape – of course. Did I mention that they were eating them at the same time? 😉 We ended up with a handful in a bowl and that was because my mom stopped and grabbed a bunch as she walked by. 

We then moved on to fixing the rototiller and attempting to fix the tractor. However repairs to the tractor were put on hold until we buy fuel filters.

Before we knew it, it was time to put the steaks on the grill…..mmmm I can still smell them now. My sister, Mia (that is one of the nicknames we have adorned her with) is a grilling master.  While she grilled the steaks to perfection, my older sister, Gisa and I were taste testers; a crucial part of any BBQ.

After dinner, we moved outside to roast marshmallows and recant the days activities while JBear put on a dazzling display of sparkler zigs and zags.

An intense game of Risk followed and the ‘battle’ carried on well into the morning hours (2 a.m. to be precise). Alliances were formed, truces were made and a good time was had by all.

What did you do this weekend? Any perfectly roasted marshmallows followed by world domination? How about home-made remedies for mosquito bites? YOWSA those are itchy!

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