Let There Be Light

As things heated up due to our latest heat wave, we headed to the pool to cool down. I opted to stay out and play camera girl for a while, snapping these beauties.

Jump right in??? No thank you! JBear takes it one step at a time.

 And then, as he does with mostly everything, gives it the ol’ thumbs up.

Ahhh – I feel cooler just looking at that water. 

Now back to our renovations.  We still haven’t decided on fans for the bedrooms but, we were able to make a decision and get the lights up in the hallway.  

We got these from Home Depot and let me tell you, the box was deceiving; I didn’t realize how big they were until Jason got them mounted.

Now before anyone says anything, let me say this: yes, I know that the dimension are on the box. However I am much more of a visual type of person so those mean nothing to me. 😉

Moving on, we chose lights that are flush to the ceiling and in my opinion these are beautiful and work so well with the colour scheme we chose for the hallway.  There is a grand total of two lights in the hallway; I will update this post with a hallway shot tonight but for now here are a couple of close-ups.

The light for the stairway was a little more difficult to choose, due to where it was located.  Rather than being on a flat ceiling, it was mounted on an angle so I decided to go with a flush mount light rather than on that hung down.  I am still kind of iffy on this light but it is growing on me.

Anyone battling the heat this week?  Are you running through the sprinklers or mounting hall lights? 😉


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