Hold On To Your Britches….

Things are really picking up.  Not only are we working on the renovations to our home, but we have also started to go through room by room, purging what we don’t use and organizing what we do use. 

Remember the nightmare post? It wasn’t pretty that’s for sure.  So we ended up moving the front porch up on our “To Do” list. 

Lets take a little look-see at the progress we’ve made. Here are the before pictures one more time:

Now I must give credit where credit is due.  Here is the progress we have made on our front porch with many thanks to my loving husband who braved the sweltering heat to clean the porch and keep his wife happy. 😀

We are still toying with the idea of staining or painting the floor. Plus the table will be relocated to the kitchen (as a prep area of sorts) and the extra white paint will be returned to the store.  Now that we (meaning Jason) cleaned the porch, we can moved forward with possibly painting the bench, adding sheer curtains and relocating the beauties below outside.

More to come so stay tuned.


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