Step, By Step, By Step

We woke to the time flashing on the alarm clock – a dead give away that the power went out for a period of time.  After brewing a fresh pot of coffee and sipping on it as we gazed blankly at the rim of the cup, we opened up our laptops and realized that the internet was out as well.  AHHHH THE HORROR!!!

In my own feeble way to somehow magically wish the internet connection back on, I continuously hit the refresh button.  This did not work. It did however, encourage Jason to make yet another attempt to persuade me to get an iphone:

 “You know….if we had iphones you could be working on the blog right now”

I must admit – it is getting harder and harder to say no.

So while the cable company worked at restoring power, we began working to restore order to our home.  Divide and conquer was our tactic; Jason outside, JBear and I inside.  Given the sweltering weather, I didn’t object.

In my mind, if I worked fast enough I could get the entire house back in order before the day was done; apparently this day was one filled with disappointments because that didn’t happen.  But looking at it now, I will look at this as a series of small victories and move forward.

I started with what was once JBear’s playroom, converted into a holding area during renovations, and now into our dining room.  Prepare yourselves, this isn’t pretty (yet).

As you can tell, this is one of the rooms on the first floor that we have yet to remodel. It still is sporting a beautiful drop ceiling and baseboard heaters that do not work. Renovation plans for this area are constantly changing; as usual we keep changing our minds. So for now, we both agreed that it should get get a good cleaning and become our dining room.

Toys were relocated one step at a time to JBear’s room. Do you know that you burn 544 calories by walking up and down stairs for an hour.  I ended up loosing count as to how many trips I made up and down those stairs. But, from my calculations of calories burnt, I did use this as a way to validate having Chinese takeout for dinner so I’m not complaining (that much). 😉 

Magically, a few of the toys that I took to JBear’s room kept finding their way back downstairs.  After a quick discussion with JBear we were able to contain the toys to his room and move forward with the room make-over.

We still have a TV and train table to relocate but I consider this progress. Sitting at the dinner table, talking about superhero’s and fireworks…..well I must say our Chinese takeout never tasted so good.


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2 responses to “Step, By Step, By Step

  • Natalie

    Your husband sounds JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND!! Like with the “I wonder how many peanuts it takes to make a joar of peanut butter?” And Troy is all “if we had computer phones, we could google it RIGHT NOW.” I caved after 3 years. Seriously. I love it. Make the plunge. Then you get to hold onto it. Like the next time you want to buy something expensive. Then you pull the “but you got your iphone” card. Win.

    • ourlifeinaction

      Hi Natalie – I must admit he is making a dent with all his pleaing and “casual” comments. I think I’ll hold out just a little longer…this kind of power doesn’t come along every day. 😉 Thanks for the comment and stopping by. 😀

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