To Hang? or Not to Hang?

A couple of weeks back we heard about ‘Juice Fasting’.  Now being Italian, I love to eat, however the idea of getting all your calories while re-boosting your body through juice was intriguing.  After watching a couple of testimonials online (because let’s face it they never lie in testimonials), we thought why not?

We planned to try it for a couple of days, bought an enormous amount of veggies, and juiced our meals for the following day.  I was pumped!! I had the will power to back this and looked forward to start down a healthier path…..we didn’t even make it past lunch. We called each other by 12:01 for an update and decided that the true path for us was portion control, food choice and exercise. No quick fix here just do what we know works.

Then we took stock of the vast quantity of fruits and veggies we bought.  We managed to eat most of them, however we still had a few stragglers that I just refuse to let go to waste – I’m talking about my Italian leaf parsley, three heaping bundles of Italian leaf parsley.


So rather than let them rot slowly in the refrigerator, I decided to hang them and let them dry. Now normally, my mom and dad lay them out and let them dry prior to hanging them.  But as I saw them laying there, I just couldn’t wait a moment longer. So I dug through my sewing supplies, grabbed the first spool of thread I came across, wrapped the thread around the stems and hung them on the cupboards.

I’ll re-evaluate my herb drying method in a couple of days but for now, I am giddy over that fact that not only will I have freshly dried parsley in a couple of weeks but they also look beautiful against the black cupboards.


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2 responses to “To Hang? or Not to Hang?

  • simplyeclecticlife

    I’ve heard(from physicians) that juice cleanses aren’t really that great for ya anyway…and why pass up delicious, homemade, healthy meals? I say, sweat out the toxins with some exercise & full up on the delicious array of fruits and veggies that accompany this (my favorite) time of year!

    • ourlifeinaction

      I totally agree with you. After our failed attempt, a friend of mine actually told me the same thing. No quick fix for this gal, just going to stick with what works and “sweat out the toxins” 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and the comment. Have a wonderful weekend.

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