Okay, so I was a little off……

When Jason previously told me that we would be getting a metal bench for our front porch I thought it would look something like this:

As it turned out, I was just a little off.  I got the winding arms sort of right but that was about it.

I didn’t even realize that the bench had a matching love bench (like a love seat but the bench version 😉 ).  So now the pair sit perched on our porch waiting patiently for seat cushions and a fresh coat of paint….but what colour paint? Hmmmm. 😉

In a previous post, I thought about painting it black, purple or green; 75% of you thought I should leave it black and 25% said purple. 

So now that you see the actual bench, what do you think? Anyone have a change of heart?

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7 responses to “Okay, so I was a little off……

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