Weekend Update

The heat soared this weekend however it was the humidity that made it feel like we were being baked in our livingroom.  Our air conditioner acted more as a fan and only gave relief if you stood directly in front of it.  However, considering not all people have an air conditioner, I will not complain (too much).

I was extremely grateful when the sky darkened early Saturday morning and we got some much-needed rain; and so were my flowers.


As I began to walk from room to room, sipping my cup of coffee, I noticed a flash out of the corner of my eye….and then another not so quick flash following.  It would appear that my little man had himself a sidekick and much to Molly’s delight they ran from room to room chasing down stuffed animals bad guys and locking them up in my white hamper that was transformed into a holding cell.

Jason and I tackled several rooms in the house moving, building, transforming and generally making more of a mess but since this is a work in progress we aren’t to upset with the outcome. In the meantime, JBear was DIY’ing is next superhero costume; Aquaman! 

Sure it was only a pair of toy safety goggles but I could totally see where he was going with it and I absolutely loved it!  He also fashioned a Riddler costume out of pajamas and have a curtain rod with a swirl end on it; however I was told that the Riddler doesn’t get his picture taken so all I have (for now) are blurs as he ran by.

How was your weekend? Any progress on your Pintrest Challenge or visits from caped crusaders?


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