Bat House vs. Bat Cave

Given the whole Batman, superhero lovefest going on with my little JBear, it is no mystery that these bats only reinforce the fact that he considers himself Batman and now has laid claim over these creepy critters calling them: His bats! 

Wonderful. (enter defeated sigh here) 

So being that I don’t want to create a bat phobia with my little man, I am forced to re-evaluate the situation and my feelings towards our new guests.

Pro: I know these little critters actually help by eating mosquitos

Con: Bats give me the heeby jeebies

So, which I would rather have around….bats or mosquitos? As I pondered this, my niece (always the nature enthusiast) sent me a link and some info on how to build a bat house. 

‘Relocate’ the bats to their house and away from mine, let them eat the mosquitos so the mosquitos don’t eat us.  I believe this is a win-win (except for the pesky mosquitos).

New question…do we go with a traditional bat house?

Link to for picture above

OR do we make our little guests a ‘Bat Cave’? I have created (based on extensive research) highly sophisticated blueprints for the beginnings of our “Bat Cave”.  😉 Batman symbol on the front of the box – OH YEAH! THAT IS HAPPENING! The design possibilities are endless!

Now off to get supplies so stay tuned!  Any bat box building (say that 5 times fast) in your future?


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