Family, Fishing and Superheros?!

This weekend, Jason, JBear, Molly and I, traveled north for our annual family fishing trip.  My brother was the mastermind and did all the leg work from picking the lake, renting the pontoon, to making sure we were all available (which is not an easy task).  My mom and older sister were in charge of the food and made the best subs I’ve ever tasted, along with packing carrot and celery sticks, and my mom’s famous cheesy popcorn; basically all the essentials for a day on the lake. 

We all met up at 6 a.m.-ish and headed out.  Of course, we needed the official thumbs up from JBear to start the day and off we went.


 The pontoon was perfect and so was the weather.  Nice and warm.

As we left the dock, I snapped a couple of pictures to document the beginning of our weekend. I am not sure if that look on JBear’s face is excitement or terror but eventually I was able to get a smile out of him as he leaned back into his daddy’s arms and enjoyed the trip.

Marni, JBear, and Luchi


Luchi and Gisa


My sister (Mia) and brother (Mike) navigated us to the perfect place to cast our lines and start fishing.

Oh yeah – it was on baby!  The first fish was caught by my nephew, Ottu, and he was gracious enough to hand the rod over to JBear and pretend that little man caught the fish. However, standing beside the fish for a picture was not on JBear’s agenda so Ottu had to go solo on that one.

Much to my surprise, a couple of hours into the trip, we got a visit from Superhero #1 of the day: cyclopse.

After boredom set in, JBear went scrounging through his Thomas the Train backpack in hopes of finding some goodies or misplaced toys to play with. He found a caterpillar arts & craft project from the previous week at daycare, dismantled it and with the help of my nephew stuck the eye to his forehead. Got to hand it to him, this kid is a superhero genius!!

In between casting and changing lures (which I did A LOT!), I was able to work on my photography skills snapping these beauties. This was Tick Island and what we originally thought were vultures or huge black birds turned out to be ducks of some sort.  It was pretty amazing to see all those ducks in the middle of the lake. 

So while I was documenting nature, Jason was busy catching fish. See that hand holding the net…that’s me and that is about as close as I came to catching a fish that day. 😉 What a beauty!

He released the first fish, cast his line and less than five minutes later caught yet another fish. So I snapped this pic, put down the camera and got back to fishing.

It was time to move locations, and much to JBear’s delight, his uncle Mike let him play captain and “drive” the pontoon.

Jumping off of Mike’s lap, JBear ran to the front of the boat and pretended he was surfing.  When asked what he was doing, he looked to my sister and stated (as if it was obvious) he was a superhero. Enter superhero #2 of the day: Surfman (seriously, this kid has an awesome imagination).

We had to return the pontoon to the marina by 6 p.m so after a couple more casts, it was time to go back in. 

We hadn’t even left the marina when I captured this action photo. Much like the rest of us, my little man was wiped out. He slept the entire ride home, through dinner, and didn’t get up until 8 a.m. the next morning.

As for us, we couldn’t end our day without a little BBQ, some home-made potato salad and a lot of laughs as we recapped the days adventures for my mom.


I may not have caught any fish that day, but I didn’t leave that lake without a little souvenir; oh yeah baby…..that smarts a lot. :-0

Any of you enjoy some family fun this weekend?



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