No Pictures??? No Fun!

As I went about my morning, prepping breakfast and mentally planning what I was going to post in my blog, I had no idea the horrors that lied ahead.  So I uploaded my images to the blog media library, and off I went. 

I sat at my desk, sipped on a steaming cup of coffee and inspiration hit.  My fingers flew across the keyboard, letter by letter my masterpiece was transcribed from my mind onto the screen.  And then came time to insert an artistically angled photo which would only further my written description of the events. 

Upload picture……..waiting…….waiting…….waiting……..

Hmmmm – something must have gone wrong. So I saved the post, logged off, logged back on and tried again.

Upload picture……..waiting…….waiting…….waiting……..

Okay, got to use a little imagination here….find a way around this. I’ll simply do a copy and paste of the picture.


To no avail. 

What is a girl to do? No pictures for my post….do I sit and sulk? Do I leave up an old post and let the site go stale?  WHAT DO I DO????

Well my friends, that is where this post comes in.  As I sat looking at the blank white screen where my picture should have been, I though…… I don’t need no stinkin pictures! NAY! Today will be a day dedicated to the art of writing, words shall become my camera, my paint brush…..okay so that may be a bit dramatic but hey, what’s a girl to do. 😉


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