A Pieceful Renovation – Part 1

Let’s open this post with a pieceful little story. It all begins with a quiet little quilt shop out in the country that overlooks a winding river. So quiet and peaceful is the surroundings that it was rightly named Sew Pieceful.

This little quilt shop, which started out offering high quality material and a class here and there, has blossomed and is quickly outgrowing the current shop so Mary Jo (Jason’s mom and owner of the Sew Pieceful) has enlisted his help to build an addition to the quilt shop.

So what has Jason been up to? In addition to working on renovations to our house, he has been able to get out and enjoy this wonderful heat wave and begin work on the addition.

Below is the one car garage that sits behind the shop and is more of a holding area for odds and ends. The plan is to renovate the garage as well as build onto it so that it ties onto the quilt shop and allows for additional storage.

Step one: mark the layout with spray paint….done and done.

Step 2: start digging.

A good rule to live by is to work smarter not harder. Given the depth of the ditch and amount of rock in this area, Jay opted to contract this portion out and hired someone with the proper equipment to dig the much-needed ditches (that’s what I call them but I’m sure after Jay reads this post I’ll hear the proper word for it ).

I couldn’t even imagine how long it would take to get this done if you had to dig these by hand. Since they are on a tight deadline to complete the addition, I think contracting out this portion of the job was a great move.

After the ditches was dug, Jason built wood boxes in each which were then filled with rocks and rebar. Once that was complete, he poured concrete into the box thus creating a solid base to support the cinderblock wall that would be installed once the concrete dried.

Anyone working on additions or ditch digging in this heat wave?


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