Weekend Family Fun! YEAH BABY!

This weekend, we won’t be packing up to head north, we won’t be renovating, building, painting or crafting. What else is there you may ask yourself??? Here is a little hint:

As JBear would say….”YEAH BABY!” We’re fishing!

To add to the excitement, my little bro and his wife are coming down for a visit and I am beyond excited! That’s right, the legendary, cape wearing…….

Boat driving………

Zuperman vs. Spiderman fighting…Uncle Mike will be driving down and enjoying a couple of days out on the lake hoping to land a HUGE bass.

Lil’JBear absolutely loves, loves, LOVES his uncle Mike. Their love of superheroes and feats of strength make them kindred spirits. Every time we all meet up at my mom’s, JBear begs Mike to come over and see his room, play video games, etc.

Always up for a good prank, joke, and/or surprise, we opted not to tell our little man that Mike’s coming down. So this is how it is going to play out…When Mike and Marni get to the house they are going to meet up with Jay and head over to the daycare. They’ll walk into the classroom and bingo, bango, bungo, JBear will either run and hug Mike or charge him and yet another battle will ensue. I’ll meet them over there and video tape the whole thing to share in our next post.

The rest of the weekend will be filled with fishing, good food, and a whole lot of laughs.

Any of you planning on surprising someone this weekend? Or perhaps just hanging out and enjoying the company of friends and family?

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