A Fishing Bonanza – Day 1

Our weekend started with a surprise-daycare-drop-in, when my brother, Mike, and his wife, Marni, showed up at JBear’s daycare. JBear’s reaction was one of pure shock; he just stood there smiling then finally ran with his arms out into his Uncle Mike’s arms. It was beyond cute. It took him almost an hour to actually start talking and recover from the shock; he kept saying “I just can’t believe it!”

We took off to Dicks Sporting Goods where Jason and Mike ogled the fishing rods and tackle; Marni, JBear, and I took off to the clothing section and did a little ogling of our own.

Of course, JBear found a pair of black shorts, hooked it onto his shirt and voila – a makeshift batman cape.

Fishing licenses, along with “much needed additional tackle” were bought, Chinese takeout was served, rods were rigged and we finally went off to bed with dreams of fishing filling our heads.

Although the lake was low due to the lack of rain, it still was pretty.

And the fact that the fish were biting made it that much more pretty.

I caught this bad boy….as you can see the weeds were bigger than him but a fish is a fish in my books, so I was happy.

A day cannot go by without JBear weaving a super hero into the mix and so we weren’t shocked when out of his bag of goodies came his tattered batman cape.

If you think Batman doesn’t fish….well your wrong; he can cast with the best of them.

As we worked the shoreline day quickly turned into night.

So with after couple of spins with the boat, and screams of delight from its passengers, we headed into shore.

At 10:00 p.m. (a little late, I know) we finally sat down for some dinner – steaks on the barbi and steamed clams. MMMM YUM!

Then it was off to bed, to get some much needed rest for day 2.


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