A Fishing Bonanza – Day 2

On Sunday, we took our time getting out to the lake. After sleeping in, we got our gear, ate some lunch at a restaurant overlooking the lake and then got right to it. We went to a different lake; the water was much clearer and the scenery was just as beautiful.

Mike had the first catch of the day, and although it wasn’t huge, it sure was pretty.

At least they were biting and that meant we were on the fish. Since the lake was so deep we were mainly using drop shot and it seemed to be working as Mike quickly reeled in fish number 2.

Now we come to a hard lesson learnt by JBear, He was casting with the rest of us and doing quite well with it. However, at some point he became enamored by the look of the end of his Buzz Lightyear rod swirling in the water. After being warned several times that he could lose his rod in the lake, it came to fruition. As I sat there jigging my line, I heard a slight gasp then “no! no! no!” I quickly reached into the water but wasn’t quick enough and now, I am sad to report, Buzz Lightyear is swimming with the fishes.

After a few tears, promises of a brand new rod and casually perching his Batman toy on the steering wheel (as if he were driving the boat) we were able to get a smile back on his little face and get back to fishing.

The excitement started back up when I felt my rod tug and I reeled in a catfish or bull head or mudcat…or whatever you call it.

No sooner did I recast my line in the water, when I felt a sharp tug and bamo! I caught this big daddy!

It weighed two pounds, four ounces and it was the biggest fish I’ve ever caught.

After a couple more pictures, we released that baby back into the lake and oooo’ed and awww’ed as it swim away.

Since such a big fuss was made over the fish, JBear quickly stood up and said “Take a picture of my fish!”. Of course we all ooo’ed and aww’ed and took a picture of his “fish”.

Marni and I took turns taking pictures so I’ll have to update this post of the additional catches of the day.

Soon we noticed clouds begin to roll in and a crack of thunder had us reeling in our lines and quickly heading for shore.

This weekend we went to three lakes, caught quite a few fish, enjoyed some good conversation and good food, and made new memories. All in all, it was a fabulous weekend.

It meant a lot to me that my little brother and sister-in-law came out for a visit and I hope that we get to do it all again very soon.


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