Our Tipsy Topsy Planter

Well, we finally did it. We finally went outside, pounded some rebar into the ground, stacked some pots and plants on it and voila!…A tipsy topsy planter. Okay so maybe there was a little more to it than that. 😉

We originally thought to have the planter on the corner of the house where the side porch once stood. However, after some torrential rainfalls we realized (or rather Jason pointed out the obvious) that the flowers might get washed out. So we changed locations to the corner of the house by the kitchen. Aside from the pots, flowers, soil and rebar two more must haves are a ladder and a sledge-hammer (especially when the ground is more rock than soil).

We pounded the rebar 2 feet into the ground and put our first pot on the bottom.

We added rocks to the bottom of the pot. This would add to the stability of our structure.


Next came the soil and flowers, Planting them in only half of the pot since the other half would be where the next pot would rest.

Adding the next pot and tilting this way and that we finally managed to get it where we liked it. Then came the soil and the next bunch of flowers.

At this point we couldn’t decide whether to continue using all the same sized pots or to scale them down and use smaller pots  so we tested it out.


I liked using all the same sized pots so we went with that, but now knowing how it turned out, the smaller pots would have looked cute as well.

And so we continued. next pot, more dirt and more flowers.

It turned out very pretty and we actually got some…”oooo very cute!” from the neighbors and passerbys so I’m happy.

As we sit here and sip our coffee, both Jay and I agree that some cascading petunias would give it a cascading waterfall look.  Another little touch that I will save for next time (oh yeah….we have one more piece of rebar, more pots, so there will be a tipsy topsy planter sequel) is that I would love to paint or stencil on the pots giving them a little flair. But for our first try, this one looks pretty so no complaints here.

Surprisingly, I actually had some plants left over so those babies went into some pots to add a little zing to the front steps.

Pretty, right?

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