Taking A Time Out

Life races by and we try to keep up, filling our days and nights with projects, renovations, etc. Yesterday, we had a severe thunderstorm warning while I was at work (around 4:30ish) which then turned into a tornado watch. Where we live, tornados are not a common occurrence and so as the power began to flicker and the skies darken to the point where it looked as if night had fallen our little city, my mind switched into mommy mode and thoughts focused on my little JBear – was he scared? Was he okay?

As reports/rumors started to pour in via friends and families, we heard that a tornado had touched down 25 minutes east of us. Roofs had been torn off, trees uprooted and people were trapped in their homes and cars due to down power lines. Jason (being a volunteer firefighter) called to tell me he loved us and that they were responding to the scene to see if they could help.

As I left work, my mind raced as fast as my car, I knew we were okay (the storm had passed over us already) but I couldn’t help but feel a desperation to see JBear and give him a huge hug. Our drive home was the usual, he began chatting about his day, Bryson did this….. and Georgie did that…., and I hung on his every word.

We pulled in the driveway, JBear (being oblivious to what was going on) raced up the steps in his usual manner, kicked off his shoes and began to hunt for his batman and/or superman cape. As I made dinner and listened to him run from room to room, I kept thinking just how precious every moment is. Whether it be a crazed gunman, a freak tornado, or an accident on the way to work, we truly do not know what tomorrow brings and should be grateful for every second we have.

So last night I didn’t hang the mirror or paint the bathroom but rather called my mom to tell her just how much I love her and spent the rest of the night taking a time out to play with my little man. Life has a way of giving you little reminders as to what is truly important, we just need to be willing to listen.


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