I am finding that it is so easy to fall back into old ways, old thinking, old habits. I have so much going on that at times it feels like I am spinning my wheels so I am constantly making lists and trying to figure out what is next. But at the same time, I am constantly adding to the list.

Marni (my-sister-in-law) told me she doesn’t know how I find the time to do all this; this meaning being a mom, going to work, do mini projects, blogging, going north to help my mom on most weekends. And then yesterday Jason told me that I have so much on my plate, shouldn’t I finish what I started rather than just keep adding more. 🙂

I guess I don’t see it that way. To be quite honest, I can’t stop myself. I am a true Gemini; always jumping from one project to the next, and I love that about myself. Before I used to think I needed to be more focused, take one project and work on it alone before starting the next. That was torture.

But in this new phase of my life, I am accepting who I am and now realize that doing one thing at a time just isn’t my style. Surprisingly enough, I am actually accomplishing more now than I did before. I look at life as my playground, and if there is something I want to do then why not? There is no time like the present so bring it on!

And so, in my true nature I have added more “To Do’s” to my list. In addition to the renovations to the house, I have more mini projects I want to try, I am planning on renovating our site to make it much more user friendly AND I want to add a tab dedicated to my guilty pleasure… So much fun!!!

Every day brings new possibilities so who knows what my list will look like tomorrow. 🙂

How about you? Are you like me where the more work the merrier or would you rather sit and enjoy the moment?


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