Break Time Is Over

It isn’t that we’ve been dragging our feet on doing household renovations, it’s just that…….okay we’ve been dragging our feet. Who can blame us? Soaking up the nice weather with family has a way of taking over. But no worries….break time is over and it is back to work for us.

Where to start? Let’s talk the heart of the home: the kitchen.

Our kitchen is fairly small. The cupboards, countertop and appliances are out dated.

Here is a picture of the very small dinette:

Remodeling a kitchen can be extremely costly and frankly isn’t in our budget. So how do you make an old kitchen new? Throw up a couple coats of paint and VOILA!!! New kitchen…..or so I had hoped. Don’t be fooled, it isn’t as easy as it looks.

I attempted to do a makeover last year and (as I bow my head in shame) it was an epic fail! The colours I chose were pretty; they just weren’t pretty with each other. I wanted our kitchen to have a warm Italian feel. This was my vision:

So hideous was the outcome that I did everything in my power to hide the monster I created and yet it still found a way to sneak into photos. Prepare yourselves…..shield your child’s eyes….if you have eaten then you may want to look away…..

AHHHH THE HORROR!!!! Okay – so maybe it isn’t that bad but it wasn’t what I was going for. 😉 The orange with the black was just too dark, perhaps if I went with a lighter colour for my cupboards this would work. Or should I keep the black cupboards and change the colour of the wall? Or should I try to save this somehow by adding a different colour backsplash? Perhaps a new mood board would help facilitate this decision.

So while I work away on that, feel free to weigh in, offer up your suggestions, or share with us your stories of DYI gone wrong.


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4 responses to “Break Time Is Over

  • Heather G.

    Its not that bad! The cabinets look great, so leave those as is but maybe choose a shade or two lighter for the walls? That way you can keep a lot of the same things in your mood board.

    • ourlifeinaction

      LOL!! Thanks Heather. I must say I absolutely LOVE the black cabinets but that colour orange was just not a good combo. Thanks for stopping by, the comment, and the vote of confidence. 😀 All are greatly appreciated.

  • Crystal @ 29 Rue House

    I like the cabinets too! I don’t dislike the orange but I once used orange myself and quickly grew to hate it. (There’s some good pictures of our disaster orange living room here.) I know you mean about trying to hide ugly things in the house – I feel like I’ve got ugly stepsisters all over my house!

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