When You See Celebrities….Adios Reality!

This weekend marked a milestone for me; I went to my very first concert and it was AWESOME! Brad Paisley is my favorite country singer so it seemed only fitting that my first concert was his Virtual Reality Tour. Scotty from American Idol and The Band Perry opened and they were both phenomenal as well.

I must admit, I had no clue what to expect. The ride there was filled with questions such as: “Do you think they’ll be a lot of pushing?” and “Oh my god – what would you do if Brad walked right beside us???” Okay, so my questions were a little silly but hey, I was living in the moment where everything was a possibility. 😉 Jason was a good sport and humored most of my questions with a slight smile on his lips and the occasional chuckle.

As nervous butterflies filled my stomach, I could hardly sit still in my seat. In an attempt to preoccupy myself, I checked the camera batteries at least a dozen times, studied the tickets and took this picture to mark the beginning of the night. That’s right, I wore a superman cowgirl hat….what did you expect? 😉

We pulled up to the gates and noticed a truck filled to capacity with people – yup this was going to be a fun night. Side note – I didn’t even realize how overcast it was until I looked at the picture. It was definitely windy and on the chilly side but it appeared that everyone was caught up in the moment and no one really noticed.

Before the concert began, there was a pre-concert. The singer below was from Texas and was very good. Side note – as good as she was, I couldn’t stop looking at the guitar player next to her. He kept making this face which looked like he was in agonizing pain and so I (being as mature as I am) couldn’t help but to giggle now and then.

One of the artists was an actress from One Tree Hill. I admit, she surprised me and was actually pretty good. She did a lot of jumping up by the drummer and then took one of his sticks and tossed it into the crowd which was pretty cool.

But I had Brad on the brain and so as soon as she wrapped up we went off to see our seats. We were in Section 102, Row 17, Seats 16 and 17 – and they didn’t disappoint. We were pretty close to the stage and surprisingly enough the row in front of us was empty except for three people.

I didn’t follow American Idol, nor did I know any of Scotty McCreery’s songs, but my dad and mom love him. My father watched American Idol and always voted for Scotty so I got a little teary eyed when he performed.

Throughout the night I would call my mom and hold up the phone so they could hear the concert – and mostly me singing poorly to all the songs.

We got a couple of pictures and a lot of video only to later find out that the mic on my camera wasn’t working properly so most of the sound was static. I was heartbroken, but as my mom always says “honey, whatcha gonna do?”

Rather than toss all that footage, I am going to attempt to edit most of our clips together along with photos and add in a Brad Paisley song or two over the static. Fingers crossed that it works. If it does, I will update this post with the video.

The night ended with one final picture, a long drive home and then collapsing into bed.

What did you do this weekend? Any long winded stories you would like to share? 😉


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