Milestone Moment

It seems as of late, I am having a lot of milestones; the thing with milestones is to recognize, share and celebrate them. Today is a huge milestone for my blog….today we have had 2,001 total views.

I know it may not sound like a lot, but it is for me. I started this blog at the end of May 2012. The first time I had someone (other than family) read my blog and “Like” a post, I ended up calling Jason, as my heart raced I blurted out in a half yell, half whisper…”SOMEONE READ OUR BLOG!!”. His name is John Ford and he has a blog about ladders. That started to ball rolling.

Naturally when I looked at the number of views today, I had the same reaction. But rather than sit here beaming from ear to ear, calling Jason and yelling into the phone (which I will do momentarily 😉 ) I wanted to share this moment with all of you.

I am grateful to my family and to those of you who have stumbled across this blog and actually came back time and time again to share a comment or just read what we are up to. Life is often jam-packed with work, family, and just plain living, so to take a moment and read my blog doesn’t go un-noticed or un-appreciated. Simply put, thank you.


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