Cotton Candy, Funnel Cake, Tummy Ache

Yesterday we took our little JBear to the fair….it didn’t turn out as we had expected. I had visions of bright smiles, screeches of delight as the Merry-Go-Round went up and down.

What we ended up with was sheer terror. Poor little guy went on three rides and as they went round and round he would shout at the ride-conductor-person….”I wanna get off!”

I should have known better when I snapped this photo as he grinned in terror at the train ride.

Then came the tummy ache – I am not sure if it was from the spinning, the carnival food or both but the night was young and we had to figure out a way to make this into a good experience for him and pronto so that his first memorable experience of going to the fair didn’t scar him (too bad) ;-).

Step 1: get as far away from rides as possible.

Step 2: allow him to play any game he wanted and shower him with “prizes”. That should work…right?

At this game he won a Green Lantern stuffed doll (go figure another superhero). After he claimed his prize we were happy to see the smile come back on his cute little face.

Here he won a super soft sea horse which was pretty darn cute.

Then we were off to check out the livestock and tractors – but we had to make a quick potato-head-pit-stop first. What can I say – I love these things. 😀

JBear took claim over this tractor and declared it as his since it was just his size. After explaining that he couldn’t ride or touch it, he settled for a cutesy picture instead.

The night ended with him adding two more souvenirs to his stash of goodies: a Superman blow up toy and a Batman blanket (yes more superhero stuff…what did you expect). When we got home, both Superman and JBear got a good scrub down then headed off to bed. So all in all, it was a good night. Will he want to go back to the fair…..we’ll have to let you know next year.

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