That’s right ladies and gents – we are talking about Tupperware and a lot of it. I always laughed at those infomercials which portray a lady looking for Tupperware and as she opens the cupboard door, it all cascades down on her….that was funny, until I opened up the top cupboard door and reenacted the commercial without even meaning to.

Then, everything got moved to a lower cupboard, then in one container under the bakers stand. I even read about using an old cereal box to store the lids – I did not do that one; it would have totally messed with the feng shui of my Tupperware storage. 😉

Unfortunately, all these moves meant Jason was always having to have a Tupperware scavenger hunt whenever he needed a container. And although I tried to play it off as my way of adding a little fun to his life…he wasn’t buying it. 😉

So I came up with another storage plan….that’s right buy an even bigger piece of plastic Tupperware and put it on wheels.

I got this baby from Wal-Mart and it was easy peasy to assemble. First take the wheels out of the plastic bag.

Then turn the container over and insert each wheel into the hole as shown below.

Okay so maybe I didn’t need to take pictures but I just painted my nails and they looked pretty so couldn’t resist. Side note – should have turned the flash off but we can’t win them all right.

Last but not least, is to sort Tupperware according to size and shape .

Then place them into a drawer. Voila! Tupperware is sorted and neatly put away.

Anyone else sorting, storing, and organizing their kitchen?

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