Chores, Chores, And More Chores

In a previous post, I pondered the possibilities of a life where you could work a full time job, have a clean home, raise a family, take care of pets, have hobbies, and get a to bed at a decent hour. Now I must say, the most common response was giggles at the thought of getting a full night’s sleep after accomplishing everything you needed to get done in a day; however, I believe I may have found a way.

I stumbled upon a blog called Organization made Fun. I know, I know….how on earth can those two words (Organization and Fun) go together. Stay with me folks and I will open your mind to a different world. This site offers quick fixes such as:

· How to get organized when you don’t have a spare minute (sound familiar)

· How to have a {fake} immaculate house! (awesome, right?!)

· 31 Days to {Cheaply} Organize your home (cheap? Sign me up!)

After randomly clicking on links and drinking in every word, I immediately signed up for their newsletter.

Now you may be asking: all of their “tricks” sound fabulous, but do they work? Well my friends, this is where the chore chart comes in. Using their template, I created this little ditty for JBear:

Although I thought this was a great way to teach him responsibility, get him to pitch in with cleaning, I also thought I would get the following reaction from him…..

Instead he was actually really excited. After all, he is a big boy now and big boys pick up (or so he told me). To sweeten the pot, if he did all his chores we would do something fun, like go for a bike ride or to the park, etc.

So I put the chore chart up on the fridge along with a book of old stickers I had laying around. Now it was time to put it to the test.

Last night, as I washed dishes and he played with his trucks on the kitchen floor we talked about the usual (batman and robin, of course) when the conversation took a surprising turn.

With a gasp, Jbear said suddenly “OH MAMMA, MY CHORES!”

A slight smile played on my lips, “Oh yes, we better get those chores done”

Jbear: “Yup, we have to so we can get more toys, and be a big boy….and…..get more toys….cuz Santa is watching…..and… birthday is coming……

I continued to wash dishes and listen to his stream of consciousness….

Jbear: …..and I want a batman cave…..and robin….and a batmobile…..and…..OH NO MAMA, my chores broke!

It is at that point I turned around and noticed what my little man had been up to.

Apparently, I didn’t do a good job of explaining the chore list to him. He interpreted chores as the stickers and all you had to do was place them on the chart for it to be done. Ahhh – nice try little man but mommy knows all those tricks. 😉

Time to print off the chart again, put the stickers up higher on the fridge and re-explain what he has to do. I still am holding out hope that this works. Stay tuned for The Chore Chart: Take 2.

How about you? Any quick cleaning tricks that help keep your home organized? Or do you prefer to look at it as organized chaos? 😉

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