First Day Of Pre-School

JBear is officially a pre-schooler as of September 6, 2012. The night before he eagerly jumped into bed, after all, he is now a big boy and big boys need to get their rest.  The next morning, he was dressed and ready to head out the door before I even brushed my hair. Yeah – he was ready to go to pre-school.  New classroom, new teacher, new friends, oh and new toys of course. As he bolted out the door, I knew I had to capture this milestone but wanted to do something more than snapping a picture as he walked down the porch steps. So when you need a some inspiration, one place to look is Pintrest (of course!). There were so many cool photo ideas (as discussed here), and of course I pinned them all.  And then I stumbled upon this one:

Pinned Image

It looked easy enough and was so stinkin cute I just had to do it.

Out came all my supplies; unfortunately I didn’t have a chalk board (I’m feeling a DIY project, right?!) so I had to improvise.

As for the writing, I soon came to realize two things: one, it is easier to fix mistakes on a chalk board, and two, my hand writing sucks.

So as I sat there, watching JBear do what he could to fix this my chicken scratch as I racked my brain trying to figure out a way to make this work, inspiration hit once again.

I grabbed the board, my camera, and JBear (of course), then headed for the beautiful outdoors.  After some tweaking, I came up with these:

All in all, they didn’t come out too bad. Of course, once the camera went up and the promise of cookies at the end of the photo shoot, my little JBear vogued , vogued, vogued! My favorite is the first one but I think after I play around more with the others they will be in the running.

So what do you guys think? Is this something you would do to document milestone moments?

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