We have a semi-tradition in our family called Birthday Week; this was created by my two sisters, Mia and Luchi. Here are the ‘rules’/definition of Birthday Week:

  • It must be the week in which your birthday falls (very technical explanation). Exceptions have and can be made BUT only under very special circumstances (i.e. you’re having a crappy week and so we all feel bad for you and thus determine your birthday week should be carried over into the week following).
  • During your Birthday Week, no one can tell you no. This means: if you want to eat an entire pizza, ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, announce that there will be absolutely no grumpy faces allowed during your Birthday Week (that was one of my special requests), and so on, then that is your prerogative and no one can tell you no or make you feel bad for doing so during your Birthday Week (which includes no raised eyebrows, no saying “are you sure you want to do that”, no half comments, remarks of any kind, etc.).

Basically, during your Birthday Week, you become the King or Queen of your castle…and everyone else is the dirty rascal. 😉

This week is JBear’s birthday, which means the entire week is his Birthday Week. Due to his age, this week is semi-governed by his mommy and daddy and all final decisions will be our call (a must when all he wants to do is have birthday parties, stay home and eat chocolate – on the other hand…..not a totally bad idea 😉 ).

The Birthday Week actually started on Saturday where we had his birthday at my mom’s house. Although he assisted my mom in baking the birthday cake, I am not quite sure he knew about the whole party….that was until Superman (aka Uncle Mike) made a guest appearance to escort him from the living room to the dining room. Then came the cake with candles, some loud and boisterous singing of “Happy Birthday”, the opening of the presents, and the impromptu creation of the new tradition called wrapping-paper-ball fight (akin to a snow ball fight).

Yes – this is only the beginning. Our little man has all week to enjoy his birthday, after all he only turns 4 once. So in addition to baking birthday treats for his class, (OF COURSE we are sticking with the superhero theme, that goes without saying 😉 )

Click here for link

I was also thinking of doing some of these cool ideas to make his special day, even more memorable. (All of these can be found on my Pintrest page.)

Birthday Morning = Birthday Surprise in his room

At the bottom of the stairs:

On Molly (why not?)

The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned for more Birthday week fun. In the meantime, check out our Instagram for a sneak peak at our porch.

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