Pauli The Plant

Let me introduce you to Pauli, our plant. She was a gift to my husband wayyyyyyyyyyy back in 2010 when we lived back in South Carolina. This ol’ gal has been hanging in the same pot all this time, roots coiling around and around, not to mention that standing upright was now nearly impossible for her.

Since JBear ‘graduated’ to Pre-K, I felt it only appropriate that Pauli should graduate onto a larger pot. Of course we couldn’t choose just any pot; it had to be big, bright and beautiful, just like her. Bonus – we got it on clearance so the price was kind of pretty too. 😉

Next came fresh new potting soil and some much needed help from my JBear. He grabbed a handful and then I did the rest, pouring soil into half the pot to create a nice base for Pauli to sink her aching roots into.


Of course, I am not always the neatest person when it comes to potting plants so JBear made quick work of the soil that fell onto the sidewalk…..he also decided to sweep the Geraniums and other flowers but that is a story for another day.

Pauli now sits proudly on your front porch flaunting her new digs. So pretty, right?

While I was at it, I thought I better plant my newly acquired Spider plants, given to me by my mother. Now these are easy to multiply, simply break off a shoot, stick it into a clear jar with water and place it where there is a lot of sun. Before you know it, these babies will have nice long roots and voila, you have more plants to adorn your home with.

These will grow quickly but for now I thought they would look pretty in clay pots out on the front porch.  Who knows, if they grow up nice and strong, they too may have a beautiful yellow pot in their future.

Anyone repotting plants while enjoying the warm September nights?

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