Porch Reveal

After weeks and weeks of hard work and procrastination on my part, Jason’s mom finally caved and sewed covers for our front cushions. 😉 After a long drive home from Canada, I pulled into the driveway and saw cushions on our once barren porch benches. Just in time too, as the nights get chillier, we only have a month of pretty weather to enjoy them.

So let’s do a before and after, shall we? This is the benches, sans cushions:

and that beautiful material…

And now the reveal…..as you come up to our porch you are greeted by pots overflowing by bountiful purple flowers and a playful welcome mat. I know, I’m stalling but I love this picture and had to think of a way to incorporate it into the post so stay with me people. 😉

And finally…..

drum roll please……


Here is the bench with a couple of finishing touches to add that je ne sais quoi…

Since these are outdoors, to add a little more protection from the elements, I liberally sprayed all cushions (front, back, and sides) with scotch guard.

The quilts that are laid over each bench were made by Jason’s mother and given to us. They are the perfect touch and great to cuddle under as the nights cool down and on chilly mornings as you sip on your first cup of coffee.


Next year we will re-paint the black benches, perhaps incorporate some purple pots on the front porch with sheer curtains to block out the hot summer sun. But for right now, I am content to sit and enjoy what we’ve got.


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