Birthday Bonanza

This past week was a birthday bonanza! We kicked the week off with a birthday party at my mom’s, where JBear got a surprise visit from Superman (aka Uncle Mike) who escorted him to the table where we sang Happy Birthday (loudly), had an impromptu wrapping-paper-ball fight (akin to a snow ball fight), and a lot of laughs. Now I must admit, there was no way to top that, I mean seriously – how can you top having Superman at your birthday…..there is just no way.

Still, we managed to pull off our fair share of Birthday Week surprises. The night before his birthday, JBear and I began the annual tradition of baking of birthday cupcakes for his class. Of course all batter testing and clean-up was handled by the birthday boy himself.

For the superhero touch, I got a pack of stickers (that said “Bang”, “Wow” etc.) and stuck them to tooth picks then inserted them in the cupcakes. It wasn’t a complicated touch but added that little something special that got all the kids ooooing and awwwwing when they saw them and in turn made JBear’s day that much more special.

Next came his pre-birthday surprise…..Batman pajamas. These were just too cool so Jason and I made the executive decision to give them to our little JBear on his birthday-eve. They even had a cape on the back….pajama’s with a cape, how can you beat that?!

But don’t take my word for it, just how cool were they JBear?

Oh yeah – that’s pretty cool!

The next morning we created the birthday wall – this was executed at 5 am (that’s right 5 AM)  as well as a plethora of balloons scattered around the house and porch.

Jason and I woke our sleeping prince by singing Happy Birthday (again very loudly) at the bottom of the stairs. His reaction was priceless, a mix between “what the hell is going on….” and “BALLOONS!!!!”

All in all I think he had a great start to his birthday.

Any fun birthday traditions you do in your home?

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