Squirrel Attack!

This is just too funny to keep to myself. Our story begins one dark and rainy day….that would be today to be precise. It is pouring like cats and dogs here, so over lunch I decided to move my car from the outer lot to the inner lot. I am like the female version of George Costanza – always looking for that perfect parking spot…..anyways moving on…..

As I walked towards the building door three squirrels ran up (a mom and two teens – or so it looked) and they were SOAKED! The mom spotted me and bolted but the other two didn’t. Instead, they ran right up to my feet.

Now if I were Snow White, I would have scooped them up and sing a beautifully soothing song to them as I gently dried them off and wave gracefully as they scampered away.

I am not Snow White.

In my oh-so-graceful way, I looked down at these poor little creatures and took a step back, they took a step forward and so on as if we were waltzing. Of course the first thought that popped into my head was …. WTF?! Then my survival skills kicked in and I looked for the foaming tell-tale sign of rabies (oh yeah, I watched Cujo and I am all up in that!), no foaming. So what do I do next…..of course, my last resort……run like hell.

Let me remind you – I am at work, in business attire, running as if I were the lead actress in a horror movie, complete with constantly looking over my shoulder at the two (possibly adolescent) SQUIRRELS!

They may have looked like this:

But when you are in survival mode, they look more like this:

This, my friends, is my shame…..a grown woman running away from squirrels. I would like to add, in my defense, they looked like a couple of punks up to no good. Just sayin.

Hope this gave you all a good chuckle.

Images in this post were taken from Bing Images.

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