Great Quotes

As I sit here, I type….then delete…..then type…..then delete. What to post? What to post? What to post? It isn’t that I have nothing to talk about; the problem is that I have too much to talk about.

Do I talk about this weekend’s fun filled adventures of hauling all our Halloween stuff out of the basement and little man’s delight as we unwrapped each item (seriously, it was like Christmas…I’m going to have to tell you guys all about it).

Do I talk about prepping for Lasik; all my fears…hopes….dreams about a life without glasses/contacts.

Or, do I indulge in some self-pity and describe my adventures with a chiropractor who actually managed to increase my back pain exponentially.

All of this and so much more but for a Monday, I think it best to start the week off with some great quotes (taken from My Attitude. My Life. My Rules, found on Facebook)

And finally, for my grand finale

Now you didn’t think the grand finale would be some serious, heart wrenching inspirational quote did you. 😉


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