A Teeny Tiny Experiment

The temperatures are slowly but surely dropping and with that brings the risk of frost; this is bad news for my beautiful deep purple petunias.

They have done such a great job of flowering all summer, the thought of letting them parish in the cold winter months is not one I am willing to accept.

That is when a thought popped into my head: could I defy all the odds and keep my petunias indoors and alive throughout the winter?

Everything I read states that Petunias are annuals so it is inevitable that they will die off after a period of time. But they also re-seed themselves and that is what keeps the blooms coming.

This brings me to my experiment; as the colder months creep up on us, I am going to bring my pots of petunias indoors and do my best to keep those babies blooming year round. After all, I did it with my geraniums, perhaps I can also do it with the petunias.

Just in case that doesn’t work, I also have a backup experiment/plan. I am going to try and harvest the seeds from the petunias and replant them in the spring….if greenhouses do it, why can’t I? After a quick search online I found out how to harvest the seeds from petunias.

Step one: Pinch/break off the flower from the plant.

Step two: I laid out a paper towel to catch any seeds that my fall out but you could do this over a pie tin, dish or whatever else you may choose. Then separate the flower from the green stem.

Step three: Remove the seeds from the flower portion of the plant. I think those are the seeds….but am not quite sure. We’ll see if I’m right when spring comes. Hang on to your hats – this could be an epic fail. 😉

Step four: lay seeds out for a couple of days so that they dry and don’t mold when you store them. Then store seeds in a dry place over the winter.

For all you gardeners out there, what do you think? Will petunias live throughout the winter or will I have to rely on my seed harvest?


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