A Quick Dinner Fix

When we were younger, my sisters, brother and I loved playing a game we made up called Cooking Show. Truth be told, we still love playing Cooking Show…it is just that fabulous and is even better when you get a group of people because that is when the giggles start.

Anyways, it isn’t a very complex game, basically you pretend you are the host of a cooking show and explain what you are doing as you cook. There are several pauses to allow the camera to come in for a close up, special ways to stir the food so you can see it cook to that perfect golden brown.

And then, after all that, comes the taste test. You know, the moment when the host lays the food out on the plate, making sure each piece is just right. Then they cut a rather large piece and take a bite. This is often followed by over exaggerated facial expressions and then finally saying…mmmmm DELISH!

The best part of the Cooking Show game is you can do it with any meal. Last night for example, I was not looking forward to breaking out the pots and pans. Opening the refrigerator door, I saw the ham I cooked on Sunday. That’s right I cooked an 11 pound ham for three people. There is a whole back story to that but let me sum it up by saying, Jason suggested we have ham on Sunday, I grabbed the first one I saw in the freezer…..there was a MUCH smaller one right behind it which we will be saving for another day. 😉

Anyways, as I looked at the remains of that ham, and debated what I should cook, the thought COOKING SHOW TIME!!! popped into my head. And that is just what I did.

Here is my cooking show (via pictures) on how to take left over ham and whip it up into a quick meal great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Step one, chunk up some ham and toss it into a hot frying pan.  Let that baby sizzle until it is a beautiful golden brown (those are classic Cooking Show terms).

Step two, while the ham is sizzling on the stove, crack three eggs into a bowl and add some milk, salt and black pepper.  Mix all the ingredients together until it is a smooth and creamy blend.

Step three, pour the eggs over the ham and stir. We don’t want it to burn on the bottom so you may need to turn down the heat a smidge.

Step four, as the eggs and ham continue to cook, cut a good chunk of bread and lay it out on a plate.

Step five, pile the eggs and ham on the bread and take a moment to admire your work and presentation.

Mmmm – just beautiful and scrumdiliumpcious!

Voila – an easy meal for any time of the day.

So what do you think….you may not want to admit it but I am willing to bet most of you will be “hosting” your own cooking show in the near future. 😉


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