Lasik And Giant Green Chairs

I kicked off this weekend a little early and drove up to Canada on Friday; rendezvousing with my sister and brother to go to a Lasik consult. Sounds fun, right? You betcha!

After a lengthy trip, sitting in traffic, detouring through downtown Toronto due to construction, I pulled into my sister’s apartment building, or should I say I pulled into the parking garage…..literally. Intrigued? Let me explain a little further.

The construction fun didn’t just end on the streets of down town Toronto, it was also going on in the entrance of her apartment building’s underground garage. And of course, safety comes first so they had those huge orange barrels spread out nice and wide. On a good note – I didn’t hit the barrels. On a bad note – I did scrape the my right bumper on the rusty garage door ….. following the loud screech of grinding metal was an even louder burst of profanity from yours truly. I just couldn’t believe I did that.

My heart sank as I stood there and perused the damage. Unfortunately…..or maybe fortunately, I didn’t have time to shed any tears. We had a half hour to walk to the consultation, a distance that normally should take 45 minutes at least. By the time we got there, my brother and I were out of breath and chugging down the complementary water as if we just crossed the Sahara.

With the paperwork filled out, we each got called in for our consult. The tests consisted of reading the bottom line of an eye chart, staring at the blinking green dot, keeping your eyes open for a puff of air and bamo, you were back in the waiting area. Funny little side note – when they called my brother Mike in for his turn, they referred to him as Zeke. Oh yeah – someone earned themselves a funny little nickname for the rest of the night. We are just that mature. 😉

After all of us went through the testing gauntlet, we sat down to discuss whether we were candidates for Lasik (which we are) and of course the pricing. The thought of waking up and seeing everything clearly is definitely an attractive one. So, we are all tentatively planning on getting the procedure done in May of 2013. Although they could have gotten us in sooner, we want to take the time to do a little more research and make sure we all have enough vacation saved up for the week recovery needed after the procedure.

Of course, we couldn’t end this post without a random side story. As we exited the building my older sister had to do a quick check of her email and my brother (Zeke 😉 ) and I got a case of the sillies while we waited. Across the road was a HUGE green chair, and when you see a huge green chair….well it just beckons for you to sit in it. And we did. So for your viewing enjoyment, I have included two of the not-so-silly pictures of us just hanging out. Sorry Mike. 😉


Any of you considering Lasik? Or gotten the procedure? Or better yet, lounge in a giant green chair?


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