Spookify Your Home

On a bad note, I am going through some mild computer issues which is prohibiting me from uploading the latest post. On a good note, I found a way around it for right now so hang on to your hats…here comes more fun Halloween ideas your way.

I love Halloween, you know the cute Halloween with witches and goblins…some scary stuff but not too gory. As I perused the internet for ideas I fell upon these cuties from Bing images.  These are all easy to little touches to make this spooky season that much more spppppoookkkky.


Seriously – I need a mantel!

I even stumbled upon this DIY table runner from Living Young Wild & Free; I just love it.

What little touches are you adding to spookify your home?

P.S. – Did you notice the sppppooky update to the blog…did you expect anything less. 😉


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