What Time Is It?


That’s right, I said it is turkey time, as in Thanksgiving turkey.

For all you in the U.S.A., no I haven’t lost my mind. For Canadians, this weekend is our Thanksgiving. So JBear and I, have our stretchy pants on and are headed north to munch on some delishous turkey and all the fixins.

Since, I live in U.S., I also get to celebrate the U.S. Thanksgiving in November. Oh yeah, double the holiday, double the turkey……unfortunately double the weight so I will also have to step up the workouts.

What are you doing this weekend? Any Canadian’s out there prepping for Thanksgiving?


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5 responses to “What Time Is It?

  • TNIB

    Sometimes I wish I were Canadian just to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving twice! – Enjoy!

  • Crystal @ 29 Rue House

    Haha – I thought no way – this girl loves Halloween too much to be ready for Thanksgiving!

    Are you from Canada?

  • simplyeclecticlife

    Happy Thanksgiving! The turkey in the picture looks SOOOO delicious. You are lucky that you get to celebrate twice, but right in that you’ll have to step up the workouts a bit! haha! I can only imagine how difficult your ‘holiday season’ is on the waist line when you’re doing double duty!!

    • ourlifeinaction

      HAHA! It is like the Holiday gauntlet….first Canadian thanksgiving, then Halloween (like dinner followed by desert 😉 – HAHAHA), then American Thanksgiving, then Christmas holidays, followed by New Years. I am full just thinking about it…who am I kidding – BRING IT ON BABY!

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