Three, Four, Five Little Mice

As we creep into October, the Halloween bonanza continues. Witches hats are placed with care throughout our home, along with singing skeletons, swinging witches, spooky pumpkins and mice. Mice? You ask. Yes, I said mice.

As I perused through ideas on how to decorate my front porch I stumbled upon this picture:

Notice the mice on the step – how cute is that, and how easy to turn into a DIY project.

I started by going online and searched Bing for images of mice cutouts.

After some dinner with my little man, out came the scissors and it was arts and crafts time. My thought was to cut out each mouse and laminate it so it is protected from the elements.

This is a great project for your little one to help with; I printed off an extra sheet of mice and let him join in the fun.

After cutting out each picture, I laminated the mice using a Scotch Laminating Sheet.

And then cut them out, again….talk about tedious. 😉

Since it was too dark out to put them on the porch steps and take a picture we tested these out on our stairs. The looked good, and bonus, it was a new and fun thing for JBear to play with. He kept moving those mice from step to step and I just kept snapping pictures.

The next day, we moved these little critters to the front porch to see how they looked outdoors.

What would I do differently?

As you can see I didn’t cut out the area between the tail and the body. Seeing this every time I walk up the steps will drive me nutso so I believe that I will redo this little project and remove that portion. Until then, I will leave you with a lesson learnt….do it right the first time so you don’t have to go back and do it again. 🙂

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